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Weddings and Honeymoons

If you would like to give your wedding guests a gifting alternative to crock pots, toasters and blenders, we offer you the convenience of a fully automated, online honeymoon registry.Your wedding guests can buy you gifts that deliver experiences like offshore excursions, tours, sport activities or amenities like beauty and spa services. If you would like more information or help setting one up, . If you would like to set this up on your own, visit The Honeymoon to get started.


Casa Chameleon is vacation as it should be: a warm welcome, rich privacy, authentic experiences, and endless adventure.
Regardless of which Casa Chameleon resort you find yourself enjoying, you can count on handcrafted cultural experiences and endless adventure in and around the finest Costa Rica hotels. At each Casa Chameleon property, it is our priority to help you slip seamlessly into the best of local tradition and cuisine–from cooking fresh-caught seafood side by side with our in-house chefs to paddling the coastline to sipping a nightcap in your private pool. Experiencing life at Casa Chameleon resorts in Costa Rica couldn’t get any finer.

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